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Whether you are a local land owner or live across the country, the advantages of farm management in ND and MN are many. With our boots on the ground, we confidently ensure you are receiving market rent for your land and a fair rate of return on your land investment.



Our farm management services include critical research on rental rates and prospective tenants.  Benefits include:

  • Knowledge of current, local rents

  • Selection of an appropriate tenant or maintaining a relationship with existing tenant

  • Lease negotiation and preparation

  • Familiarity with USDA Farm Programs, including CRP

  • Rent billing and collection

  • Removes personalities from many uncomfortable family situations

  • We can act as a third-party intermediary creating an arm’s length structure for negotiations. The negotiating and lease preparations are all done for you.


In the case of either single or multiple owners, we can pay the real estate taxes and insurance before distributing the net farm income to the owners. It is a cafeteria approach at no extra fee, and it’s tailored to your particular situation.


Getting Started

Our farm management services provide you the opportunity to meet your long-term objectives for your land. The details will be handled by our experienced and professional farm management team.

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