Farm Management

Agriculture is an important part of our heritage.  That is why we’re dedicated to providing services tailored to landowners to help them meet their long-term goals and objectives for their farmland.

Benefits of  Professional Farm Management

  • Knowledge of current, local cash rents.

  • Familiarity with USDA Farm Programs.

  • Expertise to incorporate key provisions in leases.

  • Creates an arm’s length structure for negotiations.

  • Puts property in hands of an neutral third party.

  • Screening and selection of appropriate tenant.

  • Negotiation and preparation of lease.

  • Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) expertise.

  • Removes personalities from many uncomfortable family situations.

  • Removes pressure from neighboring farm owners / relatives.

  • Bill and collect rents.

  • Pay real estate taxes, insurance premiums, and make distributions from single point.

  • Consolidation of income/expense tax reporting sent directly to the customer.

Professional Farm Management—It Pays

Experience shows that our fees are commonly covered by negotiating lease rates at prevailing market rates.  Additionally, professional fees associated with lease preparation are eliminated.

Getting Started With Farm Management

Our Farm Management team is always ready to discuss your farm management needs.  After an initial consultation, we will discuss your personal goals for the property.  At that time we will:

  • Conduct an initial, physical inspection of the property, review all soil and elevation maps and develop a farm management plan tailored to your farm.

  • Complete a study of local rental rates and trends.

  • Work with an existing operator or seek a new operator based on your goals and desires for the property.

  • Continue under an existing lease, or put a new lease in place if the current lease has expired.

  • Provide timely farm inspections and written reports regarding your property and the growing conditions.

  • Monitor any participation in Government Programs, including any acres enrolled in CRP.

  • Provide financial reporting on a semi-annual basis.

  • Our client’s interests are our number one priority and we want our farm management services to work hand-in-hand with your goals.  We listen and take direction from our clients.

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